Sushi delicacies: what to try?
Sushi delicacies: what to try?

Sushi delicacies: what to try?

Japanese cuisine is both original and simple. Today, the masterpieces of the Land of the Rising Sun are popular and available worldwide. Delivery of sushi and rolls in Odessa on the website Dasushi allows residents of Ukraine to enjoy delicacies based on seafood, rice and nori. The secret of the popularity of products from sushi chefs is not only in their unique composition. The sharpness and subtlety of gastronomic sensations when tasting sushi are enhanced by proper serving and atmosphere.

Sushi, rolls – this is the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning the Japanese menu. In fact, the culinary traditions of the Asian country are much broader. The special assortment is not the only difference of Japanese cuisine. Any delicacy prepared by a chef from Japan meets the basic principles of traditional food of this amazing country:

  • Exceptional freshness of products.
  • Predominance of natural ingredients; maximum disclosure of their natural taste as a result of processing.
  • Use of seasonal products.
  • Fine aesthetics and flawless appearance of the dishes served.

Of particular importance to the Japanese is rice. Not all varieties are suitable for making sushi. Rice is cooked without salt – it is important that it absorbs the taste and aroma of the filling. The rolls can be vegetable stuffed with cucumber or avocado. The original version of the land involves the presence of seafood: shrimp, fish, shellfish. Stuffing of salmon, flounder, crucian carp, anadara, caviar of different fish differs in unique taste.