A bedtime story for a beloved girl
A bedtime story for a beloved girl

A bedtime story for a beloved girl

There lived one laywoman in the world, she had everything: food, blood, and household. The only thing she lacked was communication with someone and intimacy.  https://presa.com.ua

And once she went around the world in search of her happiness. Every time the girl came across someone on the way, she thought they were the ones she was looking for. But travelers quickly got tired of it, or they stopped noticing it, because the character of our heroine was quiet and modest.

But one day she sat down to rest on the river and saw the same wandering young man. They talked, and the girl learned that, it turns out, the traveler is also looking for salvation from loneliness. And they realized that this is destiny and that the one who seeks will surely find his happiness.

Such a fairy tale touches the heart of a beloved girl before going to bed.

“Angel and Shadow”

This tale of love, a girl told before going to bed, will be remembered for a long time, because it says that a great feeling brings together even opposites.

Once an angel, beautiful in his light, kindness and beauty, fell in love with the shadow, horrible by its darkness, evil and ugliness. But his love did not reciprocate, saying that they were not destined to be together.